Unite press release 

Monday 28 February 2022

Serco outsourced workers at Barts postpone industrial action to enable further negotiations

Hundreds of key NHS workers, employed by the giant outsourcing company Serco at Barts  Health NHS Trust have postponed industrial action for a week to enable negotiations to continue. The strike  was due to begin today (Monday 28 February).

The union is pressing for an end to the inequality and exploitation faced by workers on a daily basis. The Barts Health NHS Trust board meets on Wednesday 2 March. Unite is calling on the board to bring the soft services contract in-house and to transfer the workers on to Agenda for Change terms and conditions from day one. 

Unite General Secretary, Sharon Graham said: “This coming Wednesday Barts has a golden opportunity to end the inequality and exploitation that our members face on a daily basis. The workers face the same risks as NHS employed staff but they are being mistreated. Our demands are simple. Give the workers a proper pay rise and bring the workers back into NHS employment. 

"The pandemic has shone a grim light on the injustice of a two-tier workforce. The Trust can no longer look the other away.”

Unite regional officer, Tabusam Ahmed said: “We’ve had lots of talks but now it’s time to act. Barts must confirm unequivocally that they will bring the workforce into NHS employment on NHS terms and conditions from day one. There must be a firm commitment to end the gross inequality and bullying that our members face on a daily basis.

“The dreadful treatment of these workers is indefensible. Unless the board makes the right decision the workers will intensify their campaign against exploitation."


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