Unite Chief, Sharon Graham: “The case is being made before our own eyes that selling off our energy sector to the private profiteers has ended in tears. A piecemeal approach won’t work.”

Sharon Graham added: “Only days ago BP announced that in April to June this year it had made almost £7 billion profits. On the same day it was being openly contemplated that household energy bills in the UK could rise to £3,600 a year. Labour’s new plans - although a step forward from what’s been proposed until now - only address the second part of this dichotomy. Not the first.  

“These figures prove that the British economy does not work for workers and their families. Britain’s real crisis isn’t rising prices ­– it’s an epidemic of unfettered profiteering. Energy firms, like Scottish Power, owned by Spain’s Iberdrola, or the French state-owned EDF, own huge swathes of our energy supply. It seems that public ownership is only to be heralded as long as it is not the British people doing the owning.”


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