Ahead of the jump in National Insurance, which will rise by 1.25 per cent for millions of earners tomorrow (6 April), the leader of Unite the union has again called for the government to tax the profits piled up by pandemic profiteers” and use this cash to help people meet rising living costs.

Unite’s general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Once again working people are being made to pay for the bad decisions of those in power. Workers and their families are hurting now, hit by rocketing inflation. Some are worrying whether they can afford to heat and eat.

“So why has the government ploughed ahead with an unnecessary rise in National Insurance? Why isn’t it taxing the vast profits piled up by the pandemic profiteers and energy producers who are awash with cash? Unite’s commission on profiteering will shine a spotlight on those who should really be targeted by the Treasury.

“Workers did not create this crisis – and politicians have no business making them pay for it.”

In March Unite, which has accused the government of ‘tinkering on the edges of the cost of living crisis’, announced that it was establishing a commission on profiteering to claw back the huge wealth pocketed by business during the pandemic and energy crises:



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