Responding to tonight's actions for the Metropolitan Police, Unite has responded:

"The actions this evening by the Metropolitan Police are shameful, an insult to women everywhere and a disgrace to any modern, democratic nation.

"Women gathering in memory of a woman whose life was taken were doing so responsibly, in respectful memory. This grief should have been honoured, not violated.

"We offer our love and support to the family and loved ones of Sarah Everard and send our respects amid what is unimaginable loss and grief.

"We call for those who gave the agreement for this appalling and aggressive approach to policing tonight's event to consider their position because not only have they betrayed the hurt and fears of women, the events of tonight have wider ramifications; they could further destroy faith in the police service.

"There is also a very concerning move to limit freedom of protest that will be before parliament this week. We urge those alarmed by the scenes this evening to join with us and voices across civil society to speak as one in defence of our rights to peaceful protest, to support democracy and to keep the powers of the police in check."