Unite, which represents thousands of workers across the hotel sector, has recognised The Atholl Arms Hotel in Dunkeld as a Fair Hospitality employer – the first hotel in the area to receive such a designation. This came after the hotel became a full signatory to Unite's Fair Hospitality Charter, ensuring their workers will receive the real living wage - regardless of age – guaranteed hours they can rely on, a proactive anti-sexual harassment policy and 100 per cent of their tips. 

Atholl Arms Hotel Executive Managing Director, Zsolt Balogh said: 

“My wife and I established Balogh Hotels in 2018 after many years managing Scottish hotels. Our success as a company is directly linked to our values. We believe that success comes from never being satisfied. We constantly challenge ourselves with new ideas and in solving problems, and we are continually seeking innovative ways of optimising operations and increasing service quality, all to the benefit of our customers. 

"I feel that the hospitality industry and its workers have been hit by COVID the hardest and I truly believe that we have to work together to come out of it. As a business owner I’ve had to think outside the box in order to move out of this together. My employees were on furlough for a long time and I know that moving onto a real living wage is very much appreciated by the team, they all will have more financial security and can focus on the job. 

"What’s important here is that we are paying at least the living wage to every single of our employee regardless of their age. My primary aim is to make hospitality work as a career, and not only a job people have to do, because there’s nothing else. I would very much hope that my hospitality colleagues and business owners will follow me on this journey, and we can make hospitality great together so that people have pride to work in hospitality”

Unite Hospitality, Industrial Organiser Bryan Simpson said: 

“We are delighted to acknowledge the Atholl Arms as the first (and only) hotel in Perthshire to be designated as a Fair Hospitality employer. Becoming a full signatory to our Fair Hospitality Charter means that workers will receive the real living wage - regardless of age – guaranteed hours they can rely on, a proactive anti-sexual harassment policy and 100 per cent of their tips. 

"This landmark agreement with the Atholl Arms sets an important precedent for the hotels sector across Scotland, as many employers struggle to attract the best staff after years of poor wages and precarious contracts. If small, independent hotels like the Atholl Arms can take this important step, then so can enormous chain hotels like IHG, Marriott and Premier Inn. We are looking forward to working with the Atholl Arms and their employees to make it one of the best hotels in Scotland to work for.” 

Glenn Robinson (21), a bartender at the Atholl Arms Hotel said: 

“As one of the youngest workers in the hotel, it is so important for me to be paid a real living wage and at the same rate as my older colleagues. All too often, young workers like me are taken advantage of in this industry. That’s why I chose to work with Zsolt and the team at the Atholl Arms because they treat me with the respect I deserve”

Cameron (23), a bartender at the Atholl Arms Hotel said:

“I have worked across Hospitality on as little as £5 an hour. As a young worker, it means the world to know that I am being treated the same as my colleagues both in terms of wages and respect. Other hotels (and hospitality venues) should follow Zsolt’s lead in adopting the Fair Hospitality Charter, they may find that they start attracting the very best in the industry. 


For further information contact Bryan Simpson on [email protected] or on 07891118390