In the first large scale homeworking survey of thousands of staff in the finance sector Unite found that over 80 per cent of respondents would like to continue to work from home once restrictions end for at least part of the week. Nearly 70 per cent of those would like to spend between 60 to 100 per cent of their time working remotely in the future.

Unite, the union representing banking and insurance workers has said that staff want to see more flexibility by their employers and for homeworking to continue once the health restrictions ease.

Today (Wednesday 16 June) Unite will hold a live event for hundreds of finance sector activists to discuss homeworking across the sector and the needs for employees who have seen their working lives radically change over the last year.

Unite national officer for the finance and legal sector, Dominic Hook said: “Unite’s large scale survey of bank and insurance workers has made very clear that the sector must offer its workforce flexibility once health restrictions end.

“Employees across the sector have continued to work throughout the pandemic and ensure customers are able to access the financial support they need during the past year. The workforce has demonstrated incredible versatility and resistance in adapting their homes and lives to meet the needs of customers whilst working from home.

“Thousands of finance staff wish to continue to work remotely and with flexibility in order to give customers the high levels of service they have received since the start of the pandemic.

“Some staff did report to their union that homeworking causes them to feel isolated and in need of better management communication.  Unite workplace reps in finance have reported a massive rise in mental health problems.  Staff are demanding that their employers do more to ensure they receive the support they need while working remotely. 

“Unite will now be discussing our survey results with employers across the sector.”

The survey also found that staff welcomed elements of homeworking including lack of commuting, saving travel costs, and improved work-life balance.

Unite is the largest trade union across the UK and Ireland for the financial services sector. The survey was run from March 2021 to April and nearly 3,500 staff responded from across the banking and insurance sector.


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