Unite will be opening a ballot of NHS members in Wales today (17 August 2021). Unite will be asking its members whether in principle they accept or reject the 3% pay rise that Welsh government will be implementing.

Unite’s committee of elected representatives, all NHS employees, do not believe that 3% is enough and are recommending that Unite members vote to reject the 3%. Unite will also be asking our members if they are prepared to take part in industrial action over the issues of pay.

Unite lead officer for NHS membership, Richard Munn stated:

“Our members in the NHS have worked tirelessly during Covid and will be dealing with the aftermath for years to come. They have risked so much and it is time that the rate for the job they do is increased to properly reflect the most important contribution which NHS workers have made. Since 2010 the Conservative government’s programme of austerity has meant that NHS staff have seen their pay erode in real terms.  Some of our members are reporting accounts of real financial hardship.

"Week after week the country applauded the NHS workers for their heroic effort. It is now time to that NHS workers are recognised financially.

"Unite is calling upon Welsh government to increase the pay rise and to start to readjust the salaries in the NHS to reflect the crucial role that NHS workers play in Wales.”

Unite’s ballot opens on 17 August 2021 and Closes on 23 September 2021.  Unite is encouraging all members to participate.