Commenting on figures released by the Office for National Statistics which reveal that the UK has lost more than 75,000 green jobs in the last five years, Unite assistant general secretary for manufacturing Steve Turner said: 
“These shocking figures show that the government is leading the country the wrong way on the green industrial revolution.
“For the sake of the environment and our communities, we should be creating good, green manufacturing jobs not destroying them.
“The UK is falling behind in the global race to both invest in and develop the technologies that will help heal our planet, creating and supporting countless UK manufacturing jobs in the process.
“Our manufacturing communities are extraordinarily well placed to help the UK become a world leader in green manufacturing, but the government clearly needs to urgently up its game.

"It took a massive and concerted effort by the company, the workforce and Unite to bring the new electric vehicle battery plant to Nissan, for example, but that is only one of the seven plants urgently needed to transform vehicle manufacturing in this country. Where is the plan for the rapid delivery of the other six?

“The government needs to give itself a good shake. No more sound bites and talk of small steps. This crisis is of such a scale and urgency that it needs a government that is ambitious, has its sleeves rolled up and is prepared to work with unions and industry to meet this, the greatest challenge of our time.

"We need a comprehensive plan of a scale not seen in 75 years to ensure we leave no worker or community behind on our transition to a green economy.  

"We urgently need to ramp up promised spending on the production of innovative transport to green our streets, seas and skies, along with the turbines to generate electricity using wind and tidal power.  

“Similarly, the country needs the goods and materials to build the million, climate-friendly council homes our people desperately need and a plan to retrofit the remainder of our housing stock to ensure energy efficient and sustainable homes. And we need this action now."

During the coronavirus crisis Unite is working to keep workers and the public safe, to defend jobs and to protect incomes.

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