Responding tonight to the prime minister's 10-point for a green energy revolution, Unite assistant general secretary for manufacturing Steve Turner said: 

“The prime minister’s 10-point plan for a green revolution fails on so many counts. It’s scant on detail but more worryingly it suffers from a lack of ambition when it comes to tackling the challenges that UK manufacturers, our communities and climate are facing.

“We've urged the prime minister to match the ambition of our competitor nations so that innovation and job creation is embedded in the any strategy to build back better. There is enormous potential to both create the skilled manufacturing jobs in communities crying out for the work and to super-charge the development of green technologies to better our futures.  

"We urge the PM to open up the tent and get workers and businesses involved in a genuine national effort to transition our economy. Let’s start with a deal that supports jobs, skills and communities producing innovative vehicles and aircraft to green our streets and skies, turbines to generate wind and tidal energy and the products required to retrofit and build the greener homes we desperately need.

"Global manufacturers need the confidence as well as financial and policy encouragement our competitors are providing to make those major decisions to invest in the UK – and the planet needs action on a scale and of an urgency that will make a real difference.  We can't have half-baked offers when we need decisiveness and action.”