Responding to the government's minimum wage "name and shame" list, Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary said: "It's good to see that robbing employers are being shamed, deservedly, again but it would be far better to make stealing from them unappealing in the first place.

"Too many bad bosses get away with it. The rogues don't fear the inspector's knock at the door. They probably think, with justification, that they have more chance of winning the lottery than being caught for their crimes.

"If the government is serious about putting a stop to these thefts we need vastly more inspectors and on the spot payroll inspections by trade unions to ensure that the law of the land is being upheld and that workers are taking home every penny that they are owed.

"Low pay is a scourge in this country. The government has to get serious about stopping the crooks who add to this misery. It must be made abundantly clear that if you pocket the pounds and pennies of the poorest paid then you will pay the price."


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