The leader of the country's leading union, Unite, has warned that Labour’s Brexit stance is the immediate cause of life-long voters’ "alienation" from the party. 

Len McCluskey says the drift away from Labour began during the Blair and Brown periods but was accelerated when the party went through a "slow motion collapse into the arms of the People’s Vote campaign, alienating heartland seats with `bluntly, more coalfield communities to lose than Canterburys to win."

Writing for today’s (Friday 13 December) Huffington Post website, Len McCluskey has urged the party to grasp that the cause of the defeat is "staring us in the face" and that it lies with too many in the party failing to accept the democratic vote to leave the European Union of 2016.

As Labour now reflects on why it failed to convince voters to back the party, McCluskey accepts that there were other failings in the campaign, citing both the "incontinent rush of policies" and the failure to apologise for anti-Semitism in the party.

However, his main argument is that too many in the party failed to accept the appeal of the Tories’ "get Brexit done" message to leave voters who felt frustrated by parliament.

McCluskey says that this was further compounded by shadow cabinet members vowing to back remain in any second referendum, totally undermining Labour’s message that it would negotiate a credible leave option to put to voters.

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