Unite Wales can confirm that Mathew Enos is a member of Unite, and that we have been supporting him after we were made aware of evidence which highlighted homophobic language directed towards him by supervisory staff within the company. Unite views the language used as very offensive and completely unacceptable. We have raised our concerns in relation to this matter with the senior management team within Cardiff Bus on a number of occasions.

Unite as an organisation is leading the way in campaigning for the rights of LGBT workers at work. Equality is at the heart of our union and we will always robustly support any member that is subjected to bullying or harassment in any shape or form.

Mr Enos’ statement to the media raises very serious concerns about the prevalence of homophobic attitudes and behaviour by some Cardiff Bus employees who occupy managerial positions within the company. Cardiff Bus has very prominently promoted a position of “zero tolerance” towards homophobic abuse. Our recent experience suggests that despite this public position the management style fostered within the company is allowing a toxic culture of homophobia and bullying to emerge. Senior Cardiff Bus employees involved in this and similar incidents are not being properly held to account for their actions. We have had it confirmed that the formal process for two of the three individuals involved has been concluded, and they remain in employment at Cardiff Bus. This is in contrast to the ordinary driving staff who have been severely disciplined and even dismissed for less serious incidents.

Cardiff Bus is effectively owned by the people of Cardiff, the local authority is the only shareholder. This disturbing case involving Mr Enos should prove to be a wake up call to Cardiff city council.

The council needs to provide leadership and take swift action to resolve the deep seated structural and managerial failings that exist within Cardiff Bus. Failure to act is not an option, change is needed within Cardiff Bus and it is needed fast.


For further information please contact Unite Wales press and media on 02920 394521 or Twitter: @unitewales