25-28 September 2021


Unite is proud to support The World Transformed 2021.

After 18 months of isolation, our movement desperately needs to come together in person to rebuild power from the ground up. Join The World Transformed to discuss:

🌹How should socialists relate to the Labour party?
🇬🇧 As the UK fractures, what should we demand?
➡️ What are the strategies of the new right?
🌍 How can we confront the climate crisis?
🏘 What can municipal socialism achieve?
⚒️ What parts of the state can we reform? And what should we abolish?
✊How can workplace and community organising secure a better future?

The work of The World Transformed has three key aspects:

Educate: Delivering socialist education through events, podcasts and digital resources, whilst creating innovative, participatory and experimental spaces for a new left wing culture to thrive.

Facilitate: Bringing together people working across all different parts of the left to discuss, debate, network and strategise.

Organise: Building a community of socialist organisers and educators by training activists to effectively run their own political education initiatives and working with partners to move people from education to action.

Get set for The World Transformed 2021 – find out more and get your tickets today.