Millions of households are already struggling to pay for basics such as food, housing and energy. Average household energy bills are predicted rise to £4,200 a year this winter. The Bank of England now officially forecasts economic recession and higher inflation for most of 2023.

At the same time, we are seeing our incomes fall in real terms and we are living in a time of societal collapse.

But not everyone is struggling. Energy companies report record profits. Others, including supermarkets, transport firms and landlords are enjoying an absolute bonanza. Their profits and rents come from the pockets of ordinary people who are already struggling – even before winter comes.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

This government has no popular mandate for its policies that punish workers and their families. But unless we mobilise real determined opposition to government policies, vicious attacks on working class people will continue.

The People’s Assembly is therefore calling on all our supporters to help to mobilise the biggest, most united voice of workers and communities from every corner of Britain in the coming weeks.

We put real pressure on the government to end the Cost of Living Crisis by mobilising an organised protest movement on the streets of our towns and cities with a message that will unite our communities.

Will you support the People's Assembly?

Autumn Offensive upcoming events:

National Demonstration
Saturday 5 November 2022, London,
Assemble from noon at Embankment, WC2N 6NS

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