The 138th Gala is scheduled to take place in July 2024. Check back nearer the time for more details.

The platform speakers at the 137th Gala – held on Saturday 8 July 2023 – have all been working in support striking workers and communities organising in response to economic challenges. The platform speakers were: Paul Nowak, General Secretary, TUC; Zarah Sultana MP; Fran Heathcote, President, PCS; Sarah Woolley, General Secretary, BFAWU; Sara Bryson, Tyne & Wear Citizens Assembly; Alan Mardghum, General Secretary, DMA.

Stephen Guy, chair of the DMA, oversaw proceedings and said: “We are proud to dedicate the 2023 Gala to all workers in struggle and to those organising to defend their communities from the policies of this cruel and incompetent government. We urge everyone to rise up join and union and join the fight for a better society for all."

Check out what happened in 2022 below - including the key speech from Unite general secretary Sharon Graham.

Watch Unite general secretary Sharon Graham's speech to the 2022 Gala

The 136th anniversary gala was held in 2022 after the 2021 gala was cancelled. The Big Meeting was back in 2022 and the DMA announced that the returning Gala will be dedicated to key workers, the carers and bus drivers, delivery workers and nurses, shop staff and teachers. Everyone who has risked their lives to keep society functioning throughout the pandemic was celebrated. The DMA worked with trades union branches across the country to bring people into Durham, and called on the public to gather in greater numbers than ever before in support of the country’s key workers. Over 200,000 thronged the streets as a result. 

Durham Miners Gala Durham
Held on the second Saturday of July the Durham Miners Gala sees trade unionists from across the country descend on Durham city and the event has developed into the largest gathering of trade unionists in the country. Highlights include wave after wave of banners, each typically accompanied by a brass band, which are marched to the old Racecourse, where political speeches are delivered. In the afternoon a miners' service is also held in Durham Cathedral which may include the blessing of any new banners.

In 2024 make sure you put time in your diary to join one of the most important days in the trade union calendar. Find out more from the Durham Miners' Association.

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