+++UPDATE+++ Due to the current uncertainty around Covid and having consulted with the local community, the Burston Strike School committee has decided that there will be no Burston Rally for a second year in 2021 +++UPDATE+++

We are mindful of the importance of not letting the tradition of Burston decline, and to this end we have decided to hold a low-key invitation only march. Representatives from contributing trade unions and other organisations will be written to.

There will be a small gathering at the Higdon’s graves but there will be no stage, music, speakers or any facilities. In particular there will be no parking. We ask in the strongest terms that unless you are invited please do not travel to Burston on this day. We are confident that this is the last time we will have to cancel the rally and we realise this will be a disappointment for many people but we ask for your understanding and emphasise that the maintenance of good relations with the community of Burston is crucial to our ability to stage the event.

Normally held at Church Green, Burston, near Diss, Norfolk

107 years since the school strike

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"The Burston rebellion was a revolt born in the fields, and fought by those that toiled in them."