Unite offers a service which benefits our members who are deaf or are hard of hearing.  This service provides instant access to a Sign Language Interpreter for members who use British Sign Language (BSL).

The service is free, and is simple, fast and secure.

More information on this service and how to connect is shown below.

Connecting to a SignVideo Interpreter

You can connect directly to a SignVideo BSL Interpreter by clicking on the button above.

How does it work?

To contact the SignVideo Interpretation Service via a computer, you'll need video capability and broadband access.  Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on SignVideo logo to make a call from your browser.

Step 2: Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm you are contacting Unite the Union.

Step 3: You will then be connected to a registered BSL interpreter and can start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).

Please note that SignVideo offers this service to MacBooks and PCs running Windows.

Check your operating system requirements

Before using SignVideo BSL Live, please check you meet these basic requirements as a minimum.

You'll need to have a computer or device with one of the following operating systems:

  • iOS devices: 11 or above
  • Android devices: 4.4 or above
  • PC devices

Your computer or device will need to have one of the following browsers:

  • PC: Chrome or Firefox
  • macOS: Chrome (Safari 11 supported)

A webcam.

Bandwidth of at least 512 kbps upload and download.

This clickable button above is displayed in the NRCPD website header next to 'Contact Us', as well as in the 'Contact Us' page and on this page too.