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As the UK’s biggest construction union our number one priority is to make sure every worker is treated right.

Unite and our sister unions are pushing hard to secure union access to HS2 sites from London to Birmingham because we know that unionised work sites are safer, stronger and better paid. A number of the joint venture companies have now signed access agreements with the unions.

But not all are playing ball.

Skanska Costain Strabag is one of them. It’s the biggest of the joint venture construction companies still not letting Unite in to talk to workers during their breaks at its canteen site in Euston in London.

Unionised sites are safer, better for workers and make good business sense too. You just have to look at Hinckley Point C – with Unite on their side workers there secured pay rates above the industry standard, paid overtime after 39 hours, higher pension contributions and more paid holiday.  

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