Tronc letterDoes your employer operate a tronc system to distribute tips, gratuities, cover and service charges? Do you get a portion of your wages paid from the tronc? Yes, then we want to hear from you.

If you have ever been asked to accept a cut in pay for a share of the tronc or have received a letter similar to this one here from your employer or the’ troncmaster’, please take a minute to upload and send it to us.
Tell us your tronc story and share any letters you’ve received from your employer or ‘troncmaster’ . SNAP. UPLOAD. SEND. Your details will be kept completely confidential.

We think some employers are saving themselves millions of pounds by taking advantage of a national insurance tax exemption on tips paid via a tronc.

We don’t think Parliament ever intended for companies – many of them with off-shore structures – to profit from this unfair tax break at the expense of their workers and the UK treasury.

Help us expose this latest tipping scam!

Thanks for your help. Together we can make UK hospitality a fairer place to work.