The first Unite for a Workers’ Economy public action in Workington was a demo outside the office of Workington MP Mark Jenkinson at midday on Saturday 28 January 2023.

The demo aims were, firstly, to have a Workington Constituent hand deliver the signed petition to the MP Mark Jenkinson. Secondly, to raise awareness of the food and fuel poverty in Workington, which are higher than the national average.

Unite’s recent Survation Data for Workington shows that 17% of residents in Workington are living in food poverty and 22% of residents in Workington have either gone into debt or increased their levels of debt in order to meet the increased cost of grocery items.

Finally, the demo was to announce the launch of Unite for a Workers’ Economy in Workington, and publicise the aims of the campaign.

The demo took place on the MP’s birthday, therefore, had a birthday related theme. The tag line ‘Don’t let him have his cake and eat it, demand your fair share’ was used across the advertising materials and within the press release. We inflated a 6ft birthday cake and wrapped the petition up as a present for the MP. The inflatable birthday cake and banners were eye catching enough for the passing traffic who engaged well, honking their horns and cheering out of car windows.

Leaflets featuring the local food and fuel poverty statistics were given to passers-by to explain the reasons for the demo.