Unite for a workers’ economy

Unite for a Workers' Economy

From workplace to community, the Unite for a Workers’ Economy campaign is driving a UK-wide strategy to help bring change following the failure of politicians to act. With the aim of collective action, the Union now looks to drive this country’s political agenda instead of commenting on it. This is more than mutual aid. It is the potential for agitation, mobilisation, and for campaigns that organise communities — led by people for the people.

Join Unite as Britain and Ireland’s biggest union focuses on building popular, working-class power to change the system that is rigged against us. 

Our economy isn’t working for anyone but the wealthiest people and the biggest corporations. The very workers who kept our nation running throughout the pandemic face a cost of living crisis, while the 1% reap the rewards of our labour. Working people didn’t create this mess, and yet are being called to accept low wages amidst rising prices as corporate executives make record profits. “Our economy isn’t working for workers, only for corporate Britain and its rich backers. It’s time for workers and communities to fight back.” – Sharon Graham.

Workers and community members unite

From workplace to community Unite is driving a UK-wide strategy to help bring change to ‘heartland’ communities following the failure of politicians to act. With the aim of unifying collectivism at the workplace and within local communities, the union will now look to drive the political agenda as opposed to commenting on it. 

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Higher wages
Profits in Britain’s top companies are up by 47 per cent but it’s predicted that workers’ real wages could experience the biggest fall in 100 years. Working people deserve better than to be pushed aside for corporate greed. As our living expenses continue to rise, we demand access to wages that allow us to support ourselves and our families.

Freedom from food poverty
Food bank charity, The Trussell Trust, is handing out emergency food parcels every 13 seconds as demand soars amid the cost of living crisis. We believe food security is a basic human right, and will fight to ensure every working family regardless of job title, location or background has the means to feed themselves.

Investment in and protection for members of the NHS
‘Unite for a workers’ economy’ will build strength in our communities and help defend our NHS services. Our NHS workers who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic are now being told to accept a pay cut. This situation cannot stand any longer without persistent, permanent challenge.

Adequate pensions
After a lifetime of hard work in service to our nation’s economy, every single person deserves access to a liveable pension that allows us to retire comfortably. It is past time that corporations pay their dues to the workers who have kept their businesses running.

This fight is about the workplace, our families, communities and the power of a united working class. We stand with workers taking action and will organise support on the picket lines, we will help mobilise in our communities to equip people to fight back against cuts.

The ground is there for us to build on, and we’re just getting started. Unite for a workers' economy. Join our movement - sign up to the campaign today.

Campaign news and updates

Check out these recent updates and news stories highlighting the Unite for a Workers' Economy campaign in action and join our movement - sign up to the campaign today.

'Fatcat profits up but wages down - Tory failings mean we need unions more than ever' Published in Daily Mirror - August 2022
Sharon Graham - Real Britain column

Guest columnist Sharon Graham writes in the Mirror and says the economic mess Britain finds itself in underlines that we need unions more than ever

Unfettered profiteering shows that our economy isn’t working for everyday people.

The economy is not working for workers either. Profits are up. Wages are down. We have a cost-of-living crisis with people struggling to heat their homes and feed their families. But many firms are sitting pretty. Putting up their prices and delivering little more than profits. So, what of our politicians, as the scandal continues? Well, many either stand with the profiteers or remain rooted to the sidelines. These days just who is it that speaks for ordinary women and men? The baton has been passed to the trade unions – we must step up to the plate and defend working people... Read the full story: 'Fatcat profits up but wages down'

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