Unite Community: We Can’t Afford to Live | We Demand Action

The cost of living is spiralling out of control.

Right now, millions of people in the UK can’t afford to live. Costs are spiralling yet wages and benefits are falling.

This summer Unite Community is getting into our communities to spread the word.

WE DEMAND ACTION - The government must do more. For a start it can make the profiteers who have made billions from the pandemic and surging energy costs pay it back. And it can cancel the cut to universal credit and extend the payment to all claimants.


Decent PAY – wages we can live on and cost of living pay rises. An end to bad bosses driving down wages while stashing obscene profits and forcing workers onto benefits.

Decent BENEFITS – a stronger social safety net. 64% of UK families rely on some form of benefit - many are in work. Restore the £20 a week to Universal Credit and extend it to all claimants.

Decent PENSIONS – security and dignity for retirees. Increase state pension in line with inflation and double the support for energy bills.

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