Unite Community campaigns for a fairer social security system for all, which works to end poverty, and which allows claimants to live with dignity.

Universal Credit is a brutal, discredited system which causes severe hardship, misery, suffering and even deaths (not least because there is an enforced 5 week wait before the first award is received).

At the start of the Coronavirus crisis, the government was faced with unprecedented numbers of new claimants who would learn the harsh reality of today’s welfare system for the first time. To ward off the backlash this would create, the government made a snap increase of £20 to the weekly rate for Universal Credit AND suspended the harsh sanctions regime, which sees many claimants unable to feed their children or pay their rent.

This increase was due to end on April 2021 but due the campaigning of Unite community the government extended the £20 increase until the end of September 2021. AND it only applies to Universal Credit claimants – people on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA), including many disabled people, have been left behind.

Join Unite Community in our three immediate demands:

  • End the five-week wait for payment
  • Make the temporary £20 per week extra permanent and give to ALL existing benefit claimants
  • Stop Benefit Sanctions