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The fight for steel

The fight for steel is now | Whose side are our politicians on?

What steel crisis? - Check out the campaign launch videos for more

It’s crunch time. We need major investment now. The UK’s four blast furnaces, which produce 80 per cent of our steel and provide thousands of decent jobs, need replacing between 2026 and 2035. Decades of underinvestment have undermined the industry, but, if our politicians make the right choices, steel production in the UK can have a very bright future. Unite has developed an ambitious Workers' Plan for Steel that if delivered would make Britain a world leader. It’s time to save our steel.

What do we want?

Unite is asking all those seeking election to give a clear answer: Whose side are you on?
Unite is asking them to commit to 4 pledges for steel:

  1. Change procurement rules to let UK public contracts use 100% UK steel. This alone can create 8,000 jobs.
  2. Public investment for a Steelworkers’ Transition Plan with NO loss of jobs. Phased workers' transition to Green Steel – while doubling capacity to rebuild our industry and grow jobs. The investment needed is £1 billion per year over 12 years and it will pay for itself with increased revenue.
  3. Tackle energy prices. Bring in electricity price caps and public ownership of the grid to make our steel even more competitive.
  4. Take a stake. No more money for nothing. Public investment for steel must come with solid job guarantees. 

The campaign in the media

Unite is calling for Labour to allocate some of its £28bn a year of green investment funds to greening the steel industry – and promise to use British steel in all public infrastructure schemes. - Unite launches 'red wall' campaign - The Guardian front page story 18 September 2023.

Read Unite general secretary Sharon Graham, writing in the Daily Mirror - Time to transform industries

 "Workers' Plan for Steel" campaign news: Unite launches a serious and detailed campaign with steel town voters to demand that politicians reverse the decline in the steel industry and turn the UK into a world leader in steel production - check the full "Workers' Plan for Steel" release

Sheffield steel: Unite launches Sheffield campaign to 'target votes and reverse decline in steel industry' – The Star – September 2023 | Unite says it will campaign with voters to demand "politicians from all parties commit to a workers’ steel plan"

Unite launches campaign in Scunthorpe to demand politicians reverse steel industry decline – Grimsby Telegraph – September 2023 - a digital billboard was unveiled in Scunthorpe on Wednesday...

Videos: Launching the fight for steel campaign

Unite has launched its major 'Workers' Plan for Steel' campaign in steel communities across the UK. Unite is campaigning with voters to demand that politicians from all parties commit to real action to save the industry. Watch some of the campaign launch highlights below. 

Sheffield Steel: Backing the campaign – billboard launch in Sheffield

Clare Wilson, ex-steelworker, backing the Unite Workers' Plan for Steel

Launching the Support UK Steel campaign in Port Talbot

Doncaster Labour cllr James Church is backing the Unite steel campaign

Why the Unite Workers’ Plan for Steel is the only show in town and politicians must make the choice to back UK steel

Photo gallery: Campaign billboards in situ

Steel billboard  Steel billboard

Steel billboard

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