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Tell Rishi Sunak NO CUTS to Universal Credit

The £20 a week Universal Credit uplift is to be cut at the end of September. Rishi Sunak failed to use his budget to protect millions of people when he confirmed that he would not make the increase permanent or extend it to legacy claimants. It's time to keep the pressure on our MPs and Rishi. Join us and the many charities and mental health campaigners calling on the government to MAKE THE PAYMENT PERMANENT and extend the increase to all claimants. Help us stop the cliff edge for families.

Email your MP today. Use the form below. We need them to tell Rishi NO CUTS TO UC!

The £20 Universal Credit uplift has been a lifeline for many since it was introduced last April 2020. It’s literally been the difference between heating homes and putting food on the table or going without. It is paying for life's basic essentials, the things that many of us take for granted, like food, heating and broadband. 

Despite, our campaigning the Chancellor confirmed in his 2021 March budget that he will not extend the £20 uplift beyond the end of this September or extend it to legacy benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance. The Universal Credit cut is coming just when unemployment is set to spike with the ending of the government's furlough scheme at the same time. Universal Credit claims have rocketed since the start of the crisis, for them this is very much a cut. The Resolution Foundation has warned that the cut off will cause a 7% fall in income for the poorest families. There is a very real risk that people will be plunged into poverty overnight. We must stop this cliff edge for families. Please join us in keeping the pressure on our MPs, we need them to take the fight to the government to make this vital income boost permanent and extend it to all claimants to avoid benefits dropping back to their lowest levels since the 1990s. 

When it’s really cold, it’s helped me use my heating to keep my children warm.


The fact is the UK has one of most un-generous social security systems in comparable European countries. The £20 a week increase has only highlighted that the level of benefits were simply not enough to protect the growing number of households forced to turn to them when the crisis hit. It provides a vital  boost to the economy as well through higher household spending! If you have a story to tell about Universal Credit and why the £20 a week rise should be kept, please use this form to share it with us.

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Ask your MP to write to the Chancellor to demand he makes the the £20 Universal Credit uplift permanent and extend it to all legacy claimants. Simply enter your postcode in the box to your left. We've drafted a template letter. But it's much more powerful to share your own story. Just delete the template and start again.


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