Stay safe get a jab

Stay safe - get a jab

Your union wants to keep you safe

This past year has been one like never before. COVID-19 has devastated families and communities but your union, Unite, has been working tirelessly to keep you safe and supported through this health and economic crisis.

Unite members have also served this country heroically, working throughout to care for the sick, keep food on the shelves and make sure key workers get to their workplace safely.

Unite members are also involved in the production, distribution and administration of the life-saving vaccines that are now offering us a bridge to a safer world.

The sacrifices that we have all made and the appalling human loss that the people of this country have endured will be with us for years to come. But in the vaccination programme there is genuine light on the horizon, the real hope that we will soon be able to see our loved ones and go about life, safely, again.

Everyone misses their friends, their family, going out and seeing one another but the way to get back to doing this is to do so safely.

Download the pdf document below for more information on the vaccine including how they were safely developed so quickly, their effectiveness and other facts about the jab.

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