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We, members of Unite the union, demand urgency over the road traffic black spot that is Hale Road.

In August, a very dear colleague, Ryanair cabin crew and former Unite Equalities Rep Cinzia Ceravolo lost her life, hit by a car as she crossed the road.

This tragedy is not the first accident at this site.  Local residents have raised concerns and warned of the probability of such tragedies time and again but have had their pleas for council action ignored.

People are angry about the lack of action to protect pedestrians, including Unite members who work at the airport and have little other option but to use the road.

Local residents have complained to the council, only to be told it is a policing matter.  When they then contact the police, they respond that it is a matter for the council. The Council must step up to take responsibility to make this road safe for all who use it, drivers and pedestrians alike.

As part-owners of the Liverpool John Lennon Airport, show the leadership our community urgently needs in this matter. And, as part-owners, we ask that you impress on the airport that its policy of charging workers for safe pick-up is also hazardous and irresponsible. Not only can the workers ill-afford the costs, it forces them into alternatives that are simply unsafe.

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Unite is playing its part.  We are pressing airport employers to provide high-viz outerwear for workers who must use Hale Road to get to and from work. But this is a second order demand.  First and foremost this road must be made safer.

No more buck-passing.  No more families left to mourn the loss of a loved one.  No more workers scared for their lives as they try to get home.

Unite members will give ready testimony about the hazards of this road for airport workers. It is time to make Hale Road safe. 

Please make sure you sign the open letter to the Mayor of Liverpool