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Royal Mail – Save Our Service!

Royal Mail is awash with cash – but it wants to sack 542 Unite members, workers at the heart of the business.
The ballot to defend these jobs, protect this 500 year old service and stop boardroom profiteering is now OPEN.

Stop 900 job cuts. Put our postal service before boardroom greed.

"The CEO just wants to make more and more profits and the shareholders just want more and more money – and we’re left paying the price.”
Howard, member of Unite’s Communication Managers’ Association

“Unite will be giving maximum support to our members in fighting these unjust job cuts and this includes the possibility of an industrial action ballot. Now is the time for the top executives to reconsider their proposals.”
Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary

For over 500 years, this country has had a Royal Mail service. It is one of the oldest organisations in the world, a cornerstone public service in our country.

But now the business wants to axe the jobs of 900 postal managers.

Unite is fighting to stop these cuts – and to save our postal service.

Dedicated managers – the hidden heroes of our postal service – are being sacked while the boardroom helps itself to massive profits and drops investment, a pattern followed since the service was privatised in 2014.

Unite’s post managers – part of Unite’s Communications Managers’ Association (CMA) group – are the heart of our postal service. Without them, the public will not get the service that they pay for and rely on.

Only last year, the new CEO cut 1,600 managers. The latest plans will cut the service to pieces removing delivery office managers and line managers, sector collection managers and sector hub staff managers, plus managers who look after boxes and counters collections.

These workers ensure that post and packages are delivered to you.

Help defend these jobs and protect this service:

Show that you back the workers and say no job cuts. Please share these memes below on your social channels and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Please email your MP to say that they must sign this EDM – and that public service must come before shareholder profits. 

There are already huge problems in the service to customers with parts of the country going weeks without mail.

Royal Mail claims this is down to staff shortages – but they are causing the shortages and are running postal managers ragged with excessive working hours without pay, and even trying to hound managers out of their jobs.

The universal service obligation – the law which states that Royal Mail must provide the same service, whether a letter or package is being posted to the next town or to the other end of the country, at the same price six days a week – is under threat by these job cuts.

“Many of our managers are younger people with young children, mortgages and other debts. They are fearing for their jobs, fearing for their futures. They are really worried.”

Unite is running weekly sessions to support members terrified about their jobs.

Industrial action is a possibility – Unite will back its members all the way.

Weekly Q&A sessions will now be held for members. If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to [email protected]

Please email your MP to say that they must sign this EDM – and that public service must come before shareholder profits.

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Calling Unite CMA managers @RoyalMail! Your ballot is OPEN. Closes JUNE 29. Vote a huge YES to protect 542 jobs and save this public service from boardroom greed. #VoteYES #SaveOurPostalService.



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