Thursday, 6 May 2021 - the UK goes to vote.

Make sure you’re registered to vote, then vote Labour on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

Thursday May 6 2021 is Super Thursday, the day the country votes in local and mayoral elections across England, and in elections for the Scottish and Welsh parliaments (the next Northern Assembly elections are in May 2022).

There's a lot at stake. Who can we trust to recover our communities - and put us, the people, at their heart?

After more than a decade of cuts and a year of the Covid-19 crisis, the rebuilding really must start now.

Labour councils, Labour Mayors and our councillors have been leading the way, pointing to a better future where our NHS is protected, our children are supported, good homes are built, our transport services improved – and the commitment to the greener tomorrow our communities and climate urgently need is real.

Like the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, bringing the city’s buses under public control. And Labour councils backing our food security campaign that will end the twin scandals of the Universal Credit wait and holiday hunger.

Only Labour will: 
  • Rebuild greener, stronger communities.
  • Invest your money wisely and locally, on jobs, in our young people and on local services for local people.
  • Care for our vulnerable and champion equality.
  • Protect our NHS.
  • Build homes that are decent and affordable.

On Thursday, May 6, the rebuilding begins.

1. Register to vote

It’s quick and easy to register. Do it online on at Deadline to register to vote in England, Wales and Scotland is Monday 19 April. Get your friends, family and colleagues registered too.

2. Vote safe, vote by post

Help stop the spread of coronavirus, make voting safer at these elections - vote by post. For details on what you need to do to apply for a postal vote visit the Electoral Commission website here: Electoral Commission Voting by Post. The deadline to apply for a new postal vote and for changes to an existing postal vote is 5pm Tuesday 20 April in England and Wales. In Scotland the deadline is 5pm Tuesday 6 April.

3. VOTE LABOUR! Rebuilding starts now