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Jenrick urged to further extend ban on evictions for those renting their homes

The UK has some appalling housing inequalities. Overcrowded and unfit accommodation is too common. Millions of people are struggling to meet high rental costs. There is a chronic housing shortage, and it is thought that at least 15,000 are homeless.

Unite has been campaigning for a better deal on housing. But right now, there is a new housing emergency.

The Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed jobs, security and incomes. People are struggling to pay their rents, meet their mortgage or simply find a bed for the night. It is winter. It is freezing. And there is a virus rampaging through our communities. The law says that we must stay home, but what do people without a home or a home that is at risk do?

The government could – and should – sort this out.

The financial respite of the rent and mortgage holidays should be extended, at least until the economy and our people are back on their feet. The eviction ban which was due to run out on 11 January 2021 was first extended to "at least" 21 February and then 31 May, but should have been extended further. It is also not a ban on eviction notices being issued by the courts, only on bailiffs physically removing people from their homes. The government should follow the Scottish government in extending it to at least 31 March 2022 and banning the issuing of eviction notices. 

And the government must repeat the efforts of Lockdown 1 with a programme to help our homeless. Get back to ‘Everyone In’. You can help make all the difference to the people fighting to keep a roof over their heads.

Please email the minister Michael Gove today and tell him that he has a duty to help. You can contact him easily, just click this link and add or adjust the text and then send your message today.

If you are on Twitter, you can tweet him directly here.

Or, you can contact the Ministry of Housing, Communities, & Local Government using this form here.

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 Keep people safe, secure and warm this winter No evictions

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