Stop 'OMEC' and the erosion of terms and conditions in the MOD Guard Service

  • Say NO to privatisation!
  • Say NO to a two-tier workforce!

Unite is asking all members and workers to complete a short survey on OMEC. Whether you are already feeling the negative effects of OMEC or you are concerned about what OMEC will mean now and in the future we need to hear from you TODAY.  We are inviting ALL members and workers to share their views of OMEC. Please take two minutes to complete this CONFIDENTIAL survey today.

Unite against OMEC

The new OMEC contracts will not only affect new starts. The ill-effects of a two tier workforce, with ne tier involuntarily undercutting the other will reverberate into every corner of the service.

A pathway to future privatisation of the MGS?

Unite is aware that well known private sector security providers have been courted on the possibility of taking over running the MGS. It is our understanding that these possible providers informed the MoD that the Guard Service was too expensive for them to take on.

Is OMEC a slow but steady slide toward privatisation?

Outsourcing | Reducing the wage bill | Increased working hours | Backfilling with OMEC contracts

Get involved and Unite against OMEC.