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#PayTheRate Actavo

Campaign background 

The dispute, which began in 2019, is a result of the scaffolders not being paid in line with the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI). The 62 workers have been on continuous strike action since Monday 4 October 2021. The rates for the workforce are currently 10-15 per cent (depending on specific roles) below these rates. The workers maintain 500 scaffolding structures at the British Steel site.

Join the protests on Monday 24 January 2022
From 11:30-13:30 join Unite activists at four Actavo sites across the UK and Ireland as they come together to demand that Actavo ends the dispute and meets all of Unite's demands. It's time to #PayTheRate Actavo. 


Taking the petition to Actavo demanding they #PayTheRate

Thousands of people signed our petition calling on Actavo CEO Brian Kelly to respect national agreements and pay his company's scaffolders the agreed rate for the job. Over 14,000 people showed solidarity with these workers when it's been sorely needed. They're still out on strike, fighting tooth and nail to stop this shameful attempt to erode workers' pay for greater profits.

Such a huge display of online support for their cause made a big difference to them and it piled the pressure on Brian Kelly and Actavo when we took all 14,000+ names direct to their HQ in Wakefield.

Watch Scunthorpe scaffolders and their supporters delivering the petition in Wakefield (above) and making sure Actavo can't get away with cutting pay below the official rates. Find out more here: Families of striking Scunthorpe scaffolders deliver Christmas gift to Actavo HQ

And if you couldn't make it to Wakefield on 22 December, please help push out the petition to friends and colleagues via email or social media. Every name on the petition represents more pressure against this race to the bottom on pay. 

➡️ Sign the petition to Brian Kelly, Actavo Group CEO: Pay scaffolders fairly add your name and share today ➡️

Sign the petition

Striking scaffolders employed by Actavo at British Steel in Scunthorpe are demanding that they should be paid the rate for the job. Their employer Actavo currently pays between 10 and 15 per cent below the NAECI rates, it’s time for Actavo to #PayTheRate. ➡️ Sign the petition to Brian Kelly, Actavo Group CEO: Pay scaffolders fairly add your name today.

Actavo demoEscalation of industrial action in 2022 - Unite is calling on both British Steel and Actavo to enter into tripartite negotiations with Unite. After 12 weeks of strike action in 2021 and now an 83 per cent vote in favour of more action in 2022, the union is calling on Actavo and British Steel to take responsibility for the 'mess' it has created by refusing to apply the national agreement and pay workers the rate for the job ➡️ Actavo and British steel face an escalation of industrial action in 2022

Families and friends join striking scaffolders at Actavo's Headquarters in Wakefield to mark the 12th week of industrial action at the British Steel site in Scunthorpe ➡️  Families of striking Scunthorpe scaffolders deliver Christmas gift to Actavo HQ - 21 December 2021

 Union activists dressed as Scrooge characters called on controversial billionaire Denis O’Brien protesting against the poor treatment of UK construction workers employed by his construction company ➡️ Trade unionists tell Denis O'Brien to pay UK workers the rate for the job- 11 December 2021

Giant inflatable rat joins campaigners outside South Shields company Rope Access Trade Solutions. The company stands accused of supplying workers to help British Steel break a strike by scaffolders employed by Actavo at its Scunthorpe site ➡️ Campaigners warn South Shields construction company over strike breaking - 8 December 2021

Sharon Graham, the leader of Britain's leading union Unite joined striking scaffolders employed by Actavo at British Steel in Scunthorpe on Wednesday 1 December to show ‘steadfast support’.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham visits the striking scaffolders ➡️ Unite leader travels to Scunthorpe to support strike at British steel 

Striking Scunthorpe scaffolders to hold march as fair pay battle continues ➡️ “The strike is already causing considerable disruption on the British Steel site, In order to resolve the strike then Actavo needs to return to the negotiating table and agree the correct rate of pay for our members.” - Unite regional officer Richard Bedford

Disruption expected as scaffolders at British Steel in Scunthorpe announce strike action over pay ➡️ Workers picketing gates A, D and G from 05:30 – 09:30 every day until the dispute is resolved 

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