We are worth more

Email your local councillor

Give them all a proper pay rise

Council workers are worth more

The National Employer’s pay offer of 2.75% for 2019/20 is simply not good enough. You are worth more. You deserve more.

Email your councillor

Please email your councillors today and ask them to support our campaign for better pay for council workers. We need them to put pressure on the National Employers to give you the proper pay rise you and your colleagues deserve this year.

We have provided a template letter but if you have time it's really powerful to add in personal details. For example, talking about the job that you do and your experience of low wages is what will convince your councillors to act. But, if you don’t have time, the letter is ready to go, just enter your postcode, select the Local Councillor button, add your name at the bottom of the letter and you're good to go. 

Help support our council workers get the pay rise they deserve

Email your local councillor to ask them to support the campaign

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Contact your local councillor


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