Get the vote out for fair pay in local government

Unite’s local government strike ballot is now open (or opening soon). Reject 1.75%. Vote YES for strike action.

Please check your post!

Strike ballots are being posted to Unite members working in over 300 councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland after strong rejection of the employer’s 1.75% offer. It’s time to make your voice heard.

3 things to do!

  1. Open your ballot letter as soon as it lands on your doormat and Vote YES.
  2. Return your ballot paper by post in the envelope provided before the deadline!
  3. Talk to your colleagues and make sure they post back their ballot papers too.

3 reasons why council workers deserve a decent pay rise:

  1. Bills are rocketing – Their pay has dropped by 25 per cent, since 2010. April will see energy costs triple and national insurance rises. They need wages that pay the bills!
  2. They’ve earned it – They work hard. And worked even harder during the pandemic to keep our communities safe, our streets clean and our vulnerable cared for. They deserve a wage they can live on.
  3. Employers can afford it – While workers struggle to make ends meet, some council bosses and senior managers are taking home fat cat salaries.

Make sure your membership details are up-to-date via

Together let's demand pay justice for our council workers because they're not low skilled, they're low valued.

Since 2010 local government workers have lost around a quarter of their wages in real terms, yet their bills keep rising. 

Please help us put pressure on the Local Government Employers and the government to fully fund and give councils workers the proper pay rise they deserve. Unite and our sister unions are calling for a 'substantial uplift of at least 10 percent.  They've earned it.