1. You and your colleagues have suffered over a decade of below inflation pay rises. With the cost of living soaring to its highest level in living memory, it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’.

  2. You won’t be taking home £1,400 – after removing tax, national insurance and any benefits, this amount will shrink by about one third.

  3. You deserve better. A pay rise is not a pay rise if it fails to match inflation. It’s a pay cut and does nothing to help you and your family pay your bills as prices soar.

  4. Prices are rocketing. New forecasts suggest that energy costs could soar by 65 percent, taking average energy bills to £3,244 this October, when the next energy price cap kicks in.

  5. You and your colleagues put your lives on the line to save ours, during the pandemic. You were rightly hailed as heroes. Now the government wants you to pay for the crisis with a national pay cut. It’s just not right.

  6. We’re in this together – You are part of a wider public sector fair pay fight. Unite members in local government and higher education are also being balloted over pay. Unite is on your side and will support members on the picket line by providing strike pay of up to £70 per day.

  7. Other health unions have vowed to ballot or consult members too – paving the way for joint industrial action in your workplaces. It’s what we’ll be calling for.

  8. Giving NHS workers a decent pay rise is economically affordable for the Government. – Independent Analysis by London Economics has shown that a 10 percent increase in the NHS Agenda for Change pay bill will cost the Treasury £0.66bn

  9. A real pay rise for NHS workers will assist the NHS deal with the mounting backlogs and help tackle the staffing and workforce crisis in the NHS. In England, there are over 100,000 vacancies in the NHS and in a recent poll conducted by the joint health union’s campaign “With NHS Staff” 85 percent of respondents agree a decent pay rise is essential for staff to stay in the NHS and for patient care to improve.

  10. The public’s on your side! From the recent poll conducted by joint health union’s campaign “With NHS Staff” 55 percent of respondents support a pay rise of at least 9 percent and 58 percent of respondents believe NHS staff would be justified in taking Industrial action if they received a below inflation pay rise.