What is the UK’s government’s NHS pay award for 2022/23?

  • The NHS PRB recommendation is for a pay rise effective from 1 April 2022, for all Agenda for Change staff at the full time equivalent salary, of £1,400.

  • This pay rise will be increased to 4 percent for staff at the top of band 6 and all those on band 7.

  • This 4 percent uplift will not be applied to bands 8 and 9.

  • This increase will include the National Living wage adjustment made on 1 April 2022, which applied to Bands 1 and 2. This means the £1,400 increase will be applied on top of the National Living Wage adjustment made in April earlier.

  • The NHS PRB recommendation is above what the UK Government has budgeted for, this pay rise will be funded from existing Department of Health and Social Care and NHS budgets, which will impact already stretched NHS. services.