The fight goes on for

  • Fair pay
  • Safe staffing
  • and to save our NHS
Unite members in the NHS get ready to vote for strike action!

The government’s pay offer for 2022/23 was simply not good enough.

Unite’s NHS members voted to reject that pay deal because it was an insult to your professionalism and dedication. 

It was below inflation and so yet another cut to NHS workers’ pay.

And it will inflame the chronic recruitment and retention crisis which is already threatening patient care.

Further, Unite remains seriously concerned that the government’s pay deal is not NEW MONEY but will instead be taken from current NHS budgets. Patients will suffer.

This is about the future of our NHS

Safe staffing and pay go hand in hand to save our NHS. That is why Unite will be asking our NHS members to take action on both.

The public understand who is to blame for the crisis engulfing our NHS, this government. They trust NHS staff to stand up to save this service.

What next?

Unite is now preparing ballots for further industrial action across selective  NHS trusts in England. We will be balloting on:

  • Safe staffing
  • A fair pay deal 

Get ready to vote YES

Get ready to vote for fair pay, safe staffing and the very future of our NHS itself.

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