Without lorry drivers the UK stops

Lorry drivers demand respect

Watch Unite truck driver, members talk about life on the road. Long hours, lack of places to rest, no decent facilities: toilets and showers. Unite is calling for sector bargaining to bring order to chaos. Find out more about this grassroots action and the #TruckedOff campaign - started by drivers for drivers - on Facebook here

100,000 lorry driver shortage is a national crisis – the industry must act now

The lorry driver shortage is causing a supply chain crisis. The UK is facing empty supermarket shelves and delivery delays. Fast food outlets are running out of chicken because without lorry drivers everything stops.

This crisis has been building for your years.  Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic are just the last straw. The government has said that it is committed to tackling the lorry driver crisis, but relaxing driving rules is a short term fix that does nothing to tackle the chronic skills shortages in this vital industry.

Our members want their industry (including the supermarkets!) to take decisive steps to tackle the low pay, long hours and lack of decent toilet facilities wrecking the sector. They want action to make their industry more attractive to new recruits and to retain the drivers it already has.  

Lorry drivers demand respect. Read our manifesto for change here. United for:

  • Better pay and conditions.
  • Ending long hours and simplifying driver’ hours rules and Working time.
  • Tackling the lack of diversity in the industry.
  • Making better parking and facilities a priority.
  • Tougher sanctions for companies denying drivers access to toilets.
  • Cost of licencing and accreditation covered by employers not drivers.

Take action!

Talk to your rep about ordering a supply of printed materials. Available to order on the Unite Print tool.

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Without lorry drivers the UK stops






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