Pay Rise for Key Workers

Key workers deserve a pay rise

Key workers have served our communities, risking their lives and the lives of their families to care for us, feed us and keep our economy going throughout the health crisis. They work local, live local and spend local. Fair pay not only helps them, it is an investment in our local economies too. 

Unite is supporting the TUC’s Pay Rise for Key Workers campaign. Please get involved.

Join the call on the Chancellor to use the March budget to drop his public sector pay freeze plans and give key workers the pay rise they deserve, and that our economy needs. Take three actions, find and sign up to join an MP virtual meeting near you. Email your MP and record a video message, make sure to share on social media and add it to your email. (Links below.) 

The government directly sets the pay of more than six million key workers, through public sector pay awards and the minimum wage. We want it to:

  • Give meaningful pay rises to the four million key workers in the public sector – and an early pay rise to NHS staff. 
  • End the planned pay freeze for public sector workers.
  • Raise the minimum wage – which will up the pay of two million key workers overnight 
  • Ban zero hours contracts which penalise key workers in health, social care and retail.


Email your MP today

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Ask your MP to write to the Chancellor before the budget to demand a pay rise for key workers. Simply enter your postcode. We've drafted a template letter. But it's much more powerful to share your own story. If you are a key worker in the public sector or private please take a minute to write your own message. You can just delete the template and start again.


Email your MP today


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