++Latest update: 15 August 2022 Ballot Result++

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, British Airways cut staff pay by 10 per cent. It has now returned that 10 per cent to BA managers – but not to check-in staff. 

Unite says, give it back BA.

This 10 per cent cut has cost these workers £2,500 a year, money that they can ill-afford to lose at any time, let alone when living costs are rocketing. Unite members are prepared to go on strike to get their pay back to its old level. This is NOT about a 10 per cent pay hike. It is simply about returning the 10 per cent taken from this workforce.

BA, and its parent company, IAG behaved disgracefully during the pandemic. They slashed pay and sacked workers, despite being paid by the UK government to keep people working.

This is a crisis of BA’s making and BA knows what to do to solve it. Give it back, BA.

Please support these workers in their fight to restore their pay.