Get ME home safely - take action on liquor licences

Councils can act now

Our Fair Hospitality members worked with East Dunbartonshire Council on a policy that ties liquor licences to the requirement that the employer must provide free, safe transport home for late night workers.

We’re working with other councils to do the same. If you’re a councillor and want to work with us to deliver change, then get in contact with the Get ME home safely campaign team

Join this campaign to make a real difference

Our members from across the hospitality and passenger transport sectors, working with our equalities sector, are calling for immediate changes to protect women workers. They’ve come up with a plan to deliver real change. You can read more detail about these plans here - download the toolkit files below. 

Unite Hospitality

Unite Hospitality along with other campaigners have lobbied for years for an initiative to force hospitality venues to put in measures that will keep staff safe on their commute home, such as free taxis after late shifts.

Read more about Unite's Fair Hospitality campaign did to secure free, safe transport home for hospitality workers. 

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