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Women workers do not feel safe going to and from work

“Last year I was assaulted after my employer refused to provide me with a taxi after transport times. This happens all too often to workers.” - Carrie

“I’ve worked in the hospitality industry now for just short of a decade. Nearly every single late-night shift begins with worrying about making arrangements at home. Will I make enough in tips to afford a taxi? Will I have to walk home alone in the dark? If I walk home will that guy that threatened me for cutting him off still be hanging around?" - Angela

Join the campaign for change

Get ME Home Safely is Unite’s campaign to make our communities and workplaces safer places for our members. Employers and governments across the UK must play their part too. Get involved to make this change. Our calls include:

Extend employers’ duty of care to embed safe transport home policies for all workers; we are calling on employers to adopt risk assessments that include an individual’s journey times and potential hazards once they’ve left the workplace Make free transport home for staff a prerequisite for all new liquor licenses
Lobby bus operators for mandatory training for transport workers on gender based violence to include practical guidance on reporting sexual harassment and assault on public transport Campaign for clear and operational CCTV on all forms of public transport
Legislative change to address the weakness in enforcement of the law against sexual assault and harassment on public transport Lobby the government for municipal ownership of buses as a way to tackle the chronic shortage of night services;
Lobby for national minimum standards and for taxi and private hire vehicles and an end cross border hiring to improve safety for women using private hire vehicles and taxis. Reverse the cuts to funding for public toilets, every bus worker must have access to clean and accessible toilets


Join this campaign to make a real difference

Our members from across the hospitality and passenger transport sectors, working with our equalities sector, are calling for immediate changes to protect women workers. They’ve come up with a plan to deliver real change. You can read more detail about these plans here - download the toolkit files below. 

Take action today

Help Unite deliver Get ME home safely for women (and all workers). Please take a moment to do some, or all, of the following. 

Tell us about the troubles you have faced trying to get home safely from work. With your permission, we will use your story to highlight the urgent need for change. We will always change your name and never identify your workplace.

Or get in touch if you want to be part of the campaign in your workplace. Our expert team will get back in touch.

In either situation, contact the Unite Get ME home safely campaign in confidence.

Feel free to share on social media #GetMeHomeSafely

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The Get ME home safe campaign will be rolling out across Unite in the coming weeks and months. Whether it is at Westminster, Stormont, the Senedd or Holyrood, we are determined that you are safe at work and going to and from work. Please bookmark this page so that you can stay across all developments in the Get ME home safely campaign.

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