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Freeports must be Union Ports

Join the campaign to make freeports fair and union ports

What is a Freeport? Watch and share 

There’s a high probability that a freeport is coming to your area – Freeports are not a new idea – but are they a good idea?

Not without strong unions. Not without Unite.

Unite is concerned that the so-called benefits will go one way only, to the boardroom. Unite is worried that bosses will seek to pocket tax cuts, attack pay and use the secrecy to opt-out of UK laws and hard-won protections.

So we’re bringing workers together across the country into Unite to ensure that freeports are union ports, that freeports are fair ports. Read more in the Unite briefing: From Freeports to Union Ports [PDF]. 




Facts about Freeports

These freeports are vast. Some stretch far from docks to include airports and major manufacturing and logistics sites many miles away. That means large parts of the country will see jobs displaced and businesses enjoy lower taxes. Where’s the sense in that? Communities need these taxes to support local public services. And it's not just in England, Freeports are coming to Scotland and Wales too.

Unite is not convinced that these deregulated zones can work without strong unions to organise and defend workers. The best way to safeguard and improve the jobs, pay and conditions of the many thousands of workers in these freeports is for a strong Unite presence in these zones.

Unite is working every day to achieve this and needs your support. What can YOU do?

Questions to ask if a freeport is coming to where you are

Talk to those who are bringing a Freeport to our community. Share the Unite briefing with your councillors and MPs and demand guarantees that the Freeport:

  • Will be a union port – and recognise Unite
  • Won’t undermine jobs, pay and conditions
  • Will pay the rate for the job
  • Will respect UK health and safety law
  • Will operate transparently. No redacted documents. No behind closed doors cosy deals.
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