Please back our fight #LondonBusStrike

London’s bus drivers have risked their lives during the pandemic to make sure our essential workers could get into work and to keep our capital moving.

They are key workers too and should not have to strike to protect their pay and conditions.

But that is exactly what drivers at RATP Dev’s three London subsidiaries, London United, Sovereign and Quality Line have had to do. Over 2,000 drivers walked out on 22 February and strikes have continued weekly ever since. The strike at Quality Line is now settled.

They are in dispute because their employer, the French government-owned RATP Group wants to drive down their wages and cut their terms and conditions. This works out to about a £2,500 a year wage cut for drivers at London United. Drivers at Sovereign are fighting for a decent pay rise – the 0.75% offered by the company is well below what drivers at other operators are getting.

RATP can easily afford to stop this attack and give them give them a decent pay rise. 

RATP's drivers in Paris are better paid, better cared for and their contracts are not under attack. We just want the same for London's bus drivers. 

Talks with the company are continuing.