082022 Red Funnel strikers

Fair Pay for Red Funnel workers

+++STOP PRESS+++We did it! Another Unite win. Pay rises of up to 18 per cent secured for Red Funnel ferry workers. - Strike action has ended. Read more...  +++STOP PRESS+++ 

Pay and out-of-pocket expenses are so bad at Red Funnel Ferries that workers are using foodbanks to survive.

Support the strike to end poverty wages at Red Funnel

Work should pay. Our members, who work as customer service advisers, cleaners and catering assistants on the ferry crossing between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth just want a fair day’s wage - a wage they can live on. With billions in the bank, Red Funnel’s owners can afford it.

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On strike since 27 July 

Underpaid, undervalued and exhausted, Red Funnel workers have had enough. Strike action started on 27 July and is continuing throughout August. For many this is their first time on a picket line. They need our support. Taking strike action is never easy. The last thing they want is to inconvenience passengers. But they had to take a stand. Please back their fair pay fight. Send a solidarity message and take the poll!

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Not fair

Customer service advisers, catering assistants and cleaners are paid £9.50 an hour at Red Funnel, while at rival firm Wightlink similar roles earn £13.42 an hour – with Wightlink cleaners on £10.99. It’s indefensible that workers doing the same job, on the same stretch of water are earning nearly £4 an hour less, especially when the company can afford to pay more.

Wealthy owners

Red Funnel’s owners are sitting on billions. The company is owned by the £11.5 billion West Midlands Pension Fund and the £3.5 billion Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. It can easily afford to pay our members a wage they can live on.

Deserve better

Red Funnel ferry workers are often away from home for days at a time but are given no overnight or out of pocket expenses. They must also undergo sea training and are responsible for passenger safety. But are living on the breadline.

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