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Fair pay for Newham refuse workers | Support the strike

Back the Newham bin strike

99% of our members voted to strike for a wage they can live on. Newham’s shock offer is 0% on basic pay during a crippling cost of living crisis. Newham’s 130 loaders, sweepers and drivers are so poorly paid they can’t afford to live in the borough. These are the key workers we clapped during the pandemic. Now, they’re struggling to make ends meet amid the worse cost of living crisis for a generation. 

Their pay is just £22,850.  That’s just £10.98 per hour before tax – and it is LESS than the London Living Wage. It’s also £2,000 less than bin workers earn in neighbouring councils. So the Newham workers taking a stand to demand fair pay now. Please back their fight. Support the strike.

Live in Newham? Please take a minute to email your local councillors. Let's tell them that they must do more to help our members win the fair pay rise they deserve. A personal message is much more powerful so please feel free to change our template message. Or simply press send! Pop your postcode in the box to get started.

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Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz’s claims - What a load of rubbish! 

Watch & Share: Unite officer Steve Edwards said:

The workers are standing firm."

What a load of rubbish! Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz’s claim of a 17.9% pay offer is a load of rubbish.  The truth is Newham’s bin workers are on some of the worst pay rates in London, earning almost £2,000 less than bin workers in neighbouring Hackney and Greenwich - £22,850 vs £24,763.

In reality, bosses in Newham have offered 0% on workers’ basic pay.  And they’ve refused to address why the workers earn almost £2,000 less than workers doing the same job in neighbouring councils. It stinks that those forcing this low pay on the workers enjoy great benefits. The Mayor takes home close to £88,000 a year – more than three and a half times our members’ pay.

Essential workers priced out

Can’t afford to live.  Something’s got to give. Average rents in Newham have risen by over 50% over the last 10 years. The monthly rent for a two bedroom flat is now £1,600 - that’s more than the bin workers earn in a month!

Please back their fight. Support the strike. Follow us on Twitter #NewhamBinStrike and take action today.

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I back Newham's refuse workers. Fair pay now! I back Newham's refuse workers. Fair pay now!
Fair pay at Newham! I back Newham's refuse workers. Fair pay now!
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