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Fight goes on for Fair Pay and to Save Local Services

Local government workers are the backbone of our communities. From caring for our children and our elderly to keeping our streets clean and rubbish collected, they provide the vital services that we rely on everyday. 

But 14 years of central government funding cuts, pay cuts, financial mis-management, a global pandemic and a cost-of-living crisis has left morale in tatters and services at breaking point.

Now Unite members are taking a stand.

Strikes are taking place at over a dozen councils in England and Wales over the government's 2023/24 pathetic pay offer of just £1,925. It’s below inflation so yet another real terms’ pay cut.

Over a decade of pay freezes and cuts, has seen the value of their wages fall by 25% since 2010. Most workers rely heavily on overtime just to make ends meet, and some need foodbanks to get by. This is a national disgrace. We say work should pay.

Please support the strikes

Ask your local councillors to back our calls for a fair pay rise now for council workers. Simply enter your postcode to get started. Don't forget to personalise the template by adding your MP's name and signing your name.

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Email your local councillors| Demand fair pay for council workers


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Local Government strike September 2023

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