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Fair pay for Allerdale refuse workers

Striking for a fair day’s wage

Refuse workers at Allerdale Waste Services (Cumberland Council) move to all out strike from May 16 over rubbish pay. 

Join us – support their fight to end to poverty pay rates and the council’s strike breaking tactics.

Escalating strike action is a last resort for our hardworking members. But with Cumberland Council failing to raise wages to tackle poverty pay rates and paying agency workers much more to break their lawful strike, they have no choice.

Shame on Cumberland Council

The Labour-run council is using Tory anti-trade union, strike breaking laws to hire agency workers on £14 an hour, when its own permanent staff our struggling to get by on a measly £10.90 an hour.  That’s £3 less an hour and just pennies above the national minimum wage.

It’s time for Cumberland Council to raise wages to tackle what are some of the worst pay rates for refuse workers in the UK. WE SAY ENOUGH! 

Allerdale Waste Services is a private company that is 100 per cent owned by Labour controlled Cumberland council.

Do you live in an area affected by the strike? Email your local councillors now. Simply enter your postcode in the form below. Join us - Demand the council raise wages to tackle their poverty pay rates and stops using Tory anti-trade union laws to break this lawful action.


Email your local councillors

For residents affected by the strike ONLY. Please join our calls for a fair pay rise for our refuse workers at Allerdale Waste Services and an end to poverty pay rates. A personal message is much more powerful so please feel free to change our template message. Or simply enter your postcode and press send!

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