Heathrow Airport strikes

3 more days of strike action still to come, as Heathrow security guards say no way to poverty pay. 

Strikes set to continue on 25, 26 and 27 May 2023.

Heathrow’s bosses can end this strike now, with a fair and decent pay rise – not a real terms pay cut.

Strike action is a last resort. But what choice do they have? Heathrow’s security officers are paid up to £6,000 a less than those working at other London airports. Their pay is so low they can’t pay their bills. While top boss, John Holland-Kaye’s pay has skyrocketed by 88% to £1.5m.

It shouldn’t be this way. We say STOP THE GREED! 

Support their fight – Support the strike!


Watch more videos here. In the three years before the pandemic, HAL paid out £2.1 billion in dividends to shareholders in Spain and Qatar, who control HAL’s ultimate parent company. Since 2017 the average remuneration for Heathrow workers has fallen by 24 per cent. Read more here. 

The security officers are paid from just £26,000 a year. With RPI inflation at 13.8%, they simply can’t get by.

 Our members want to get back to work at soon as possible and end the disruption. But the ball is in Heathrow’s court to come back to the table with new money for a decent pay rise. Unite remains ready to talk.


Heathrow’s executives have to realise that the genie is out the bottle. Workers can’t be expected to accept real term pay cuts as shareholders and bosses get richer and richer. Unite general secretary, Sharon Graham

End Poverty Pay at Heathrow

Unite Community supporting striking security officers with an airport banner and flyer drop! #Solidarity



If you’re concerned about your travel plans during the strike, please direct your questions to the people who can resolve this dispute.

Contact the Heathrow media centre. Tel.: (0)20 8745 7224
Email: [email protected]