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End 'fire and rehire'

Millions of people are facing the sack if they don't accept less pay and worse conditions. 

After months of pandemic hardship, this is no way to treat people.  

The government can put a stop to it and End Fire and Rehire once and for all. 

Businesses have been supported. Workers should be treated fairly too.  

  • One in ten workers already threatened with Fire and Rehire
  • Many more likely as furlough ends.
  • Denounced as “bully-boy tactics” by government ministers but still legal.
  • Already banned in Ireland, Spain and France.
  • Workers could lose thousands of pounds per year.

It’s time for action. End Fire and Rehire NOW.

Contact your MP and get them to sign this EDM 

We say that the workers of the UK should be treated with decency.

That's why Unite is calling for a simple amendment to existing employment legislation to outlaw `fire and rehire'.  

This would benefit millions of people overnight but it will also support the responsible employers while making clear to those with fewer scruples that these sorts of actions are not tolerated in this country.

Please join the campaign to win this change.  Your support could make all the difference to fearful workers. 

End Fire and Rehire

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